Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your and your child’s privacy. The information we collect about you and your child via our website, full enrolment form, or during the course of attendance at Fern Garden helps us to clarify your needs so we can look after your child better and optimise their learning and development.

The information we collect and what it is used for:

  • Name, Phone, Address and Email
    This is used to address you by name, to call you in case of emergencies, or post/send emails for invoices and newsletters and special announcements relevant to your child.
  • Date of Birth and Birth Certificate
    This is used to determine vacancy at Fern Garden, fees, your child’s eligibility for 20 hours subsidy, and to enable us to celebrate your child’s birthday with a birthday cake and special morning tea each year while at the centre!
  • Ethnicity
    This is used for statistical purposes by the Ministry of Education. Fern Garden may use this knowledge to learn and raise awareness within the teaching team so we can highlight your language (i.e. translations of some words used at home), customs, cultural events etc. However, we will discuss this first with you to determine what your aspirations are.
  • Custodial statement, Persons who can and can not collect your child 
    This is used by our teachers to clarify any legal orders and custody arrangements for your child. Our teachers will check for any written daily instructions by the primary caregiver and the original enrolment form in any cases outside normal collection.
  • Marketing (How did you find out about us?)
    This is used by management to collect statistical data about effective marketing channels and to refine our marketing strategy to effectively communicate with our community.
  • Your child’s likes and dislikes
    This is used by our teachers who place a copy of this page from the enrolment form into your child’s portfolio.
  • Your child’s medical records
    This is used by the centre to cater for any health, food, allergy, and special needs requirements. Your child’s immunisation record is important so our staff can determine any specific isolation procedures for your child in case of any health outbreaks (such as measles, chicken pox etc.) at the centre.
  • Booking Information
    This is used to determine availability / vacancy at the centre and corresponding fees that you will be committing to.

The security of the information

We do not release, publish or give away information to any other party except in specific situations to the following entities:

  • Ministry of Education: we may be required to disclose information contained in your child’s enrolment form ONLY (i.e. NOT your child’s personal learning portfolio nor any other knowledge we may have about your child’s development and progress) to the Ministry of Education.
  • Law Enforcement Agency: at our sole discretion, we reserve the right to disclose information to law enforcement or other government officials if it is demanded in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringements, or other activity that is illegal or may expose Fern Garden to legal liability.

Who to contact about privacy issues

If you have any concerns regarding privacy, please send an email to the centre director (